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Metal Monkey

Metal Monkey is a well-constructed, portable utility bag with a rubberized, 35 lb magnet on the back so that it can be safely and conveniently attached to any metal surface.

The Metal Monkey and Metal Monkey Mini are the product names from the parent company, Iron and Lead. Iron & Lead was founded by Chase Massingill and Mark Bell, who have been friends since high school. Most recently, they worked together as locomotive engineers for the better part of the past decade. After years of working on-call for the railroad, Chase and Mark knew they wanted to start their own business to be in charge of their lives and schedules. While in the gym one day, they realized what a hassle it was carrying their phones, shaker bottles, workout books, ear buds, towels, etc. from machine to machine. Right then, the idea for Metal Monkey was born. After constructing several prototypes, a finely tuned Metal Monkey was put into production. Shortly after that, the Metal Monkey Mini was crafted. These products solve a problem. The idea is simple, but the uses are numerous.

Chase, Mark, along with their family and friends, use these bags daily. They love the versatility and convenience, and they hope you will, too.